• 11 awesomely outrageous food gifts

    If you're looking around for a last minute gift for the food lover on your list, try one of these off the wall gifts ideas. Need more help finding special delectable edibles for your sweetie? The new shopping app ShopFeed curates content from your favorite tastemakers, recommending picks from the sources you love right from your phone when you're already out and about.

    These treats aren't just edible they're works of art that just happen to be designed to be devoured. If you've got someone on your list who loves their coffee, treat them to the best this holiday season. Warning: A cheap jerseys half pound bag will set you back over $100. And did we mention its made with animal droppings? Kopi Luwak is made from beans found in the droppings of the civet, a small catlike mammal native to Southeast Asia. It's known for its smooth chocolate caramel like taste (insert joke here), and is commonly referred to as the world's most expensive coffee. Price: Kopi Luwak Coffee roasts start at $120 per half a pound 3. steamer trunk of luxury chocolate What do you get the gin lover in your life who has it all? More gin! This cocktail maker is a work of art crafted from cast iron, brass, copper and silver and shakes drinks in an elliptical fashion, not straight up and down. The price tag is hefty at Dt5FW6a9x $35,000, but Neiman Marcus will donate $5,000 of every shaker sold to The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation which supports youth arts education in communities across the country. A year's supply of gin and a cocktail crafting session for up to 20 guests with an expert bartender cheap nhl jerseys are included. A shave or two of these prized fungi is hardly enough to satiate the most avid truffle lover. Why not take them on a one of a kind excursion where they can pluck cheap jerseys their own right from the earth? Castiglion del Bosco in Tuscany a luxury Italian resort offers its very own truffle hunting package. Each team gets a set or trained dogs, the real pros behind the whole truffle operation. Guides provided by the hotel speak limited English but that makes the experience more authentic. Afterwards, participate in a cooking class to learn the best way to whip your new score. http://blog1.de/zg129/3669505/A+Uniquely+Personal+Recital+at+the+Disney+Concert+Hall.html

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