• Josh Duggar family fears he may be suicidal

    Josh Duggarhas shared a video tribute nhl jerseys to dad Jim Bob in honor of Father's Day. The couple has three lovely children and a little girl on the way this July. They all just celebrated their seven year engagement anniversary and Anna's birthday. These are happy times for Josh and they have been few and far between of late. Hollywood Life shares a story today that the entire Duggar family fears Josh may do something drastic as the scandal continues to unfold.

    Josh Duggar / Instagram The pressure from the press has been relentless since they discovered acts he committed when he was a minor teenager. Since then Josh's life and that of his immediate family as well as his extended family have been unbearable. With all the bad press being related in many ways, the fact he had to give cheap jerseys up a position he loved put him in a financial dilemma of how to provide for his growing family, he had to relocate to make putting a roof over his family's head easier as well as residing in an area that is closer to all his family members. Now Josh's entire family is worried about him with fear that he may do something drastic. He has isolated himself to try and stay away from the media probing him on a daily basis. Although keeping to himself and out of the public limelight seems like the thing to do at this time it is also causing him much stress that is leading to depression. Josh's world is crumbing fast and there doesn't seem at this point that he will ever recover from the damage that has been done. Now family members are trying to keep an eye on him as much as possible to prevent him from worrying about every little thing that most people take for granted in their lives. Family and friends are afraid that Josh may be contemplating suicide. There is a lot on his mind and the more he thinks things over and remains isolated the more depressed he is becoming. This has his loved ones terrified about his welfare. There wholesale jerseys are other rumors that are being discussed; some maybe factual and others may just be that, rumors. It seems that Christian organization aren't calling the Duggar family to do interviews, booking them for appearances or asking their advice on certain topics. Some are saying that Josh's siblings may be turning against him for causing their sole means of support through the TLC network show "19 Kids and Counting" being off the air causing them financial hardship since no money is coming in and that they may have to seek employment like everyone else now. Josh's parents and sisters gave an interview discussing their views about Josh's past which has caused a spin in the opposite direction for him. It seems that instead of their words helping Josh many feel that they have done more harm than good. Josh knows he has disgraced his family. The shame he feels is even deeper since it is now public. Since the news brought his past to light he has been in hiding, feeling frightened and depressed. His Dt5FW6a9x world and that of his family is crumbling beneath his fingers with no light at this time shinning at the end of the tunnel to guide him out and back to the life he, his wife and children enjoyed before the media tore his little world into shreds. It is very sad that the shame is terrifying everyone in his family that loves him and is standing by him through thick and thin. http://www.poolcommander.hu/?q=node/43250

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