• Tebow Jerseys Flying Off Local Shelves

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. At Sports Mania, it's clear that Jacksonville is an NFL town that's located in Gator country.

    That's why store manager Terry Trinidad is having a hard time keeping the new Tim Tebow Broncos jerseys on the shelves. Tebow's jersey led the NFL in sales for April. "They come straight in and ask for the Tebow jersey, and they say, 'Oh, there it is," Trinidad said. "Last week we received 48 on Wednesday. We're down to one." And that last No. 15 Denver jersey was swept up Thursday morning. It's size wholesale jerseys was XXL, and several customers said it was too big for them. Video:Related:No. 15 Broncos Jersey Leads NFL Sales But one lucky shopper bought the jersey for her husband. "We're now Broncos fans. Die hard. nfl jerseys cheap Wherever he goes, we go," she said. There's a waiting list for the $80 jersey with 20 names and growing. Trinidad sold 27 Tebow T Dt5FW6a9x shirts in two days. "I have people coming who are Florida State fans, who are Georgia fans, who actually come in saying, 'You know what, (Tebow's) a good kid. You got to cheer for him no matter where he goes,'" Trinidad said. In the shadow of all the Tebow mania, Sports Mania in Mandarin has also seen an increase in the sales of Jaguars paraphernalia. Trinidad said there's a waiting list for the Tyson Alualu jersey, which hits nba wholesale jerseys the shelves next week. http://www.voiceblog.jp/zg129/2218679.html

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